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Yes, ordering without a prescription is a possibility with the majority of our products, although we may ask for supplementary details via a succinct internet-based questionnaire. This enables us to harmlessly bestow suitable remedies without risking your health and well-being.

You can also bring an existing script as a reference for your requisition. Provide this, and any additional information from your family GP or specialist, and our squad of top-end support crew will provide relevant advice.

We aim to make affordable medications available for all Canadians - from blue-collar tradies and labourers to white-collar office workers and students - and offering prescription-free ordering on a selection of pharmaceuticals enables us to do this.

While it's not imperative to consult a medical professional before purchasing generic or branded pills from us, it's seriously recommended. Your GP understands your body and overall health and wellbeing. This enables them to recommend the most appropriate remedy for your specific situation.

Some pills are contraindicated with or interact poorly with certain health conditions and other medications, and it's always worth being safe rather than sorry.

A quick one-off doctor's consult shouldn't cost too much. Look for a practice that bulk-bills if your funds are a little diminished, and get in for a chat before purchasing online.

Yes! Notable discounts are periodically available, and we may offer coupons via our newsletter (sign up to our mailing list to access this). Access the lowest per-tablet prices by buying higher quantities per order. We're proud to offer bulk-buy discounts in line with our philosophy of catering to underprivileged Canadians who can't afford remedies from physical chemists.

No, canadianclinic1.com is unable to provide medical consultations or doctor's appointments. For additional therapeutic advice, tablet recommendations, and medical examinations, swing by your GP's offices for a consultation.

Once you've received solid advice, shopping in our e-commerce store becomes super straightforward. We've designed our user interface to be super straightforward to navigate, aiding you in finding appropriate medications takes just minutes.

Despite not offering medical consults, we may require additional information collected via a short survey before fulfilling your order.

We carefully pack all deliveries with your anonymity in mind. We use discreet, unbranded outer packaging so the sender (us) is unidentifiable. This could include brown cardboard, a plain box, or a white or coloured posting satchel or bag.

Internally, medication boxes are carefully packed and secured to prevent damage during shipment. We may use bubble wrap or other padding if required. Rest assured that all necessary measures are taken to ensure your delivery arrives safely and in one piece.

Customers whose order arrives with visible damage should contact our support team via email for rapid resolution. Attaching a photo or video of the damage will help your case. If we deem the damages to be visibly severe, we may send a replacement order at zero cost.

In a medical environment, the term generic refers to any medication that has been manufactured to work the same as a current brand-name remedy. Generics are usually sold under the name of their active ingredient and share side effects, safety recommendations, dosage rates, and performance characteristics with the branded substitute.

As an example, Viagra is the branded analogue of Sildenafil generic, an ED pill that's widely used by millions worldwide. We're proud to sell low-cost generics that perform identically to the more expensive branded options.

Pills usually contain one or more active ingredients that target specific ailments or illnesses. On entering your body, they are broken down in the stomach and small intestine (and ofttimes metabolised in the liver) before circulating throughout your body via the blood and the circulatory system.

Once it finds its target area, which is defined by receptors (specific protein molecules) that the drug compound can lock on to, it can begin working its magic.

Drug synthesising corporations are unable to manufacture brand-name drugs until the patent on them expires. This is usually 20 years after the initial patent submission date, although it can be extended to 25 years in some cases.

Once a patent expires, a company can simply buy the chemical formula and begin synthesising the compound. They don't have to spend money on research, animal testing, or clinical trials involving humans, which can cost millions of dollars for a single new drug. The market also becomes much more competitive when patents expire, forcing the price of generics lower and lower.

This is great for us, the consumer!

Most medicines are at risk of degrading if stored incorrectly. Therefore, it's crucial to keep them in an appropriate location, especially if you're keeping them for an extended period of time.

For starters, all pills should be kept in a cool, dry location away from fluctuating temperatures and direct sunlight. Good places include in a dresser drawer, in a box in your closet, or in a special container on top of your fridge or in another high place. Avoid storing in the bathroom or near heat-generating kitchen appliances.

Never remove medicines from their original packaging, and follow all storage instructions on the box. For example, a small number of medicines may need to be kept refrigerated.

If your medication doesn't seem to be working quite right or you're concerned about side effects, it is recommended to halt its use immediately. Some people can have severe allergic or anaphylactic reactions to the compounds in modern medical remedies - although these are super rare.

Speak to your local doctor if you have ongoing concerns that require addressing. Remember, it's worth looking after your health and, as annoying as a short doctor's visit could be, there's never any harm in it.

A majority of modern ED remedies contain a phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) inhibitor that relaxes your blood vessels and directs augmented blood flow towards your penis. This additional blood flow makes it easier to achieve a strong, lasting erection that you can enjoy with your partner or significant other.

Different ED pills take different lengths of time to begin working at their full potential. Sildenafil (Viagra, Kamagra) and vardenafil (Levitra) are best taken 30 minutes prior to intercourse, while tadalafil (Cialis) generally performs better if ingested an hour or more in advance.

Like virtually all medications, ED remedies can cause minor negative side effects. Most of these are no more serious than a mild cold and can include a sniffly nose, facial flushing, minor muscle aches and pains, and an upset stomach. More serious complications are extremely uncommon. Seek emergency medical assistance if you suffer chest pains, heart attack symptoms, or any signs of a stroke.

There are numerous options out there for Canadian men looking for a remedy for ED and other sexual dysfunction issues. Sildenafil is usually a safe option to begin with, although its similar alternatives are also worth considering. Do some research and speak with your doctor to discuss the most appropriate option for your requirements and lifestyle.

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