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Privacy Policy

A high level of digital privacy is paramount in the 21st century, and we take data security and personal privacy extremely seriously. Unless stated otherwise below, all information is 100% confidential and won't be shared with or sold to third parties. At canadianclinic1.com, we take all reasonable measures to ensure personal information and data are secure, including employing industry-standard encryption and digital security software.

Personal Information Collection

Сanadianclinic1.com collects various personal and identifying information when taking orders to enable us to provide the premium service we're renowned for. You must provide the following info before completing an order:

  • Your legal given name and surname.
  • Your postal address (where to deliver your package)
  • Your mobile or landline phone number
  • Your city, zip code, and country
  • Your e-mail address

We may also track your browsing habits and use of our store via cookies (minute tracking files stored in-browser).

Your e-mail address and other personal information won't ever be sold, rented, or shared in any other ways with third parties. We use industry-standard data security procedures to safeguard all the information and sensitive data collected during your visit to our website, during any communications or commercial operations, or via marketing campaigns. We comply with the relevant legislative requirements.

The remainder of this document lists and outlines our internal practices for gleaning, collating, storing, preserving, and using information collected during interactions between the user and canadianclinic1.com,

Email Use

Сanadianclinic1.com requires you to enter an active e-mail address before you can create an account or complete an order. Users can also sign up for our periodic newsletter by entering their email in the relevant subscription forms.

We solely utilize customer emails for processing orders, ensuring hasty delivery, providing shipping updates, and dispersing our newsletter. All first-time users are automatically subscribed to our mailing list. To unsubscribe, click the link in your last email communication and follow the prompts. Your email will be promptly removed from the mailing list and you won't receive future communications.

Data Processing

Anytime you use canadianclinic1.com for any purpose, including to read the information set out within or to complete commercial transactions (ordering medications), data is collected regarding your browsing habits and the actions you perform on the site.

The data collected includes, but isn't limited to, the time and place of access, your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc...), your operating system and device (mobile or desktop plus OS), and the duration of your visit. We may also collate data regarding your activities on canadianclinic1.com, including, but not limited to, link clicks, time spent on each page, add to carts, and completed checkouts.

We accumulate this information and compile it before storing it securely and anonymously - i.e. your browsing habits aren't linked to personal identifiers. It's never sold or shared with unauthorised third parties. Сanadianclinic1.com uses it to drive informed marketing decisions and analyze the use of the site to ensure we're reaching the appropriate demographics.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This Privacy Policy doesn't cover any links to third-party websites, and you visit them at your own risk. We are unable to control their content and take no responsibility for malicious actions or other circumstances arising from following external links.

For additional information about personal data use and how your information is stored on linked websites, you need to refer to their Privacy Statement. Alternatively, contacting website owners can reveal crucial information about their privacy practices.

Digital Security

At canadianclinic1.com, we employ leading security measures to maintain an acceptable level of digital data protection. Any sensitive information submitted to our website is treated carefully to ensure it isn't stolen or hacked by malicious entities. A combination of online and offline protection procedures is operated and our professional IT team is on standby to address system failures, glitches, or other technical occurrences that could lead to data breaches.

All information collected by canadianclinic1.com or provided by anyone interacting with the site is safeguarded with top-level encryption. All transmitted data is encrypted prior to transmission, and all stored data is heavily secured with encryption and multiple other layers of security.

We've also adopted a top-level SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate to verify our security claims. Check this is working correctly by looking for the lock icon in the web address bar and "HTTPS" at the beginning of the URL.

Cookie Use

Сanadianclinic1.com uses small files called cookies to track your browsing habits and improve your experience on the site. To explain, these are small text files that are stored on your web browser, and they are designed to collect information and perform various alternative tasks. With cookies, we can:

  • Understand the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze visitor demographics to fine-tune our targeting and ensure appropriate visitors are finding our site.
  • Measure traffic, categorize traffic sources, and interpret customer behaviour.

One important thing to note is that cookies aren't ever associated with personal information. Rather, they are linked to your browser or device.

A couple of examples of the types of data points we're gathering include:

  • Data about your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc...), device, and browser.
  • Info about referring sites if you've clicked a link to land on our site.
  • The date and time you visited our site, including finer details about the pages you've browsed.
  • Demographical information about your age, gender, location, and more.

For example, some cookies assist canadianclinic1.com in identifying you on subsequent visits, loading prefilled information and ensuring you're presented with your existing cart if you've failed to complete an order.

Virtually every website on the internet utilizes some form of cookies.

Important Payment Processing Information

Users are required to provide sensitive financial and payment details when completing the checkout. This is necessary for us to accept payment in exchange for goods.

Data pertinent to payments is never viewed, accessed, or stored by canadianclinic1.com. We use a high-quality, reputable third-party payment processing gateway to securely process all payments. This information is highly encrypted and protected by leading cybersecurity programs throughout the process.


Сanadianclinic1.com does not own pharmaceutical brands or any of the trademarks associated with the medicines offered in our store. This includes registered trademarks and patents that are owned by third parties.

Updating Your Personal Details

We encourage you to ensure your personal details are up-to-date at all times. This enables us to process orders and resolve complaints fast and efficiently. Please chat with our staff if your details have changed so we can update your records with your current details - for example, if you've moved house and have a different street address.

Policy Updates

Сanadianclinic1.com reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy at any time and as required. The current version is always available on our website.

Complaints & Enquiries

For any complaints or enquiries relating to the information disclosed in this document, please reach out to our friendly customer service team. We're available via email, or you can use the online contact form found on our site. All queries are investigated and resolved pronto.

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